Kgokong Moraka

Kraalhoek village is one of the deep rural areas of the North West province. Yesterday the 12 of May a pensioner left his house to the clinic for consultation. After a walk of almost a kilo, he arrived at the clinic only to be told by a security guard that, wearing of a face mask is compulsory. He then decided to return hid home without enquiring about this situation to the nurse in charge.

This old man went back but before reaching his house he fell. According to a young man who saw him first, reported that there was a white foam coming out of his mouth. He then called a car to return him to the clinic. On their way back, this old man told them about what security guard said. They gave him an extra mask and he consulted.

After few minutes of his consultation, a group of 5 men who saw this old man got angry and decided to approach the security company. Their operational manager came and there was a meeting between nurses in charge, Security Company and these five men.

According to the nurses they did not know of anyone who was returned due to face mask. But on the hand they have been requesting face masks since yesterday from the department. The security company says it is the responsibility of the clinic to have additional face mask. And this old man said he totally forgot about face mask.

It was concluded that a nurse will give two community reps of this case a letter which request face masks to the mines as a temporary measure while wait for department.