Tunatazama - Community Monitors


11 May 2020
David Gaanakgomo
The unemployment rate made the majority of South African households rely on social grants. When the dates for social grants come there is no one who want to wait but get hold of that money so that they could run some of household errands.
Most of the people rely on social grants to run their households. Hence when the dates for grants the ATM’s are full. When it comes to that necessity knows no law. That happen also in the Matlosana Municipal district. The bank officials had put the marks to show people where to stand, but they ignore it. Everyone want to get the money because there is no food at home.

That is when everyone does not adhere to the lockdown rules of social distance. When one ask the beneficiaries why not following social distance will tell you that they avoid being overtaken by latecomers. During this time the elderly and disabled are not considered or taken care of as everyone wants to get money and leave. The African child forget about morals and respect to the elderly.

Everybody does not care of the dreadful novel coronavirus as at times they left no food at home or slept on empty stomach. The government tried to solve this problem by giving different dates but it is not solving the problem. Some don’t wear face mask. The level of lockdown and spread of covid-19 won’t subside unless there is a solution to such issues.
At these times the law enforcement officials cannot handle the situation.