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The pandemic HAS opened our eyes & hearts

2020/05/ 21
Thembisile Mbethe
Emalahleni Mpumalanga

During this pandemic I have seen so many South Africans unite and help one another out with food parcels, Vouchers, cash donations and so much more. I personally realized that the pandemic opened our eyes & hearts and make us to realize that we need each other as a nation. Businesses are contributing & working tirelessly in fighting Covid -19 also help some NPOs and NGOs to continue helping the communities.

 Yes I know that is never enough but a little is better than nothing, we need to stand together as a nation and lend a hand wherever it is needed and do that every time not only when there’s a pandemic. I personally wish that the care I see now can be continuous….even after this pandemic because we will need each other more than before. We should let the spirit of ubuntu lives within us never let it ends or pass with the pandemic. I say Forward with NGOs, NPOs and the activists are playing a huge role in this country.