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Criminals use Face masks to blend in

Kenny Nape

On the 4th May 2020 during Sassa grants pay out at Photsaneng post office, five armed men pounced in and took undisclosed money and fled the scene.13th May 2020 according to South African Police Services it is alleged that three criminals from Ledig wearing face masks caps and beanie hats hijacked a car at Sun City. The police followed the car tracking device signal until in Thekwana. Fortunately car hijackers took a dead end street and then fled on foot to the nearest mountain. Police managed to arrest two of them using helicopter and dog unit, later the third suspect was arrested in Photsaneng.

The third incident after buying grocery at Pitse shop in Photsaneng, the victim saw two men with guns at the parking and quickly managed to drive away. While leaving the area a white VW Polo with A black door tried to block him but he escaped unharmed. The fourth incident around 7pm on 24th May 2020 in Thekwana. After parking his car, the owner of the red Audi A3 was confronted by two armed men wearing face masks and caps and took his car at the gun point and fled. 5th one a shop at Thekwana was robbed by 6 gunmen wearing face masks and beanie hats.

This shows opportunity identified by criminals who observed that certain areas there are no police and army patrols. Criminals also saw that they can easily blend in and perpetuate their crimes by wearing face masks to curb the Covid 19 and perpetrate crime. According to the people in this area, they are living in fear because lockdown is enforced by criminals. This shows lack of good intelligence and crime prevention strategy by our armed forces.