26 April 2020
Mahadio Mohapi

On the 11th March we were at Camps gate of number seven in Orkney to make an appointment as we were supposed to have the meeting with them since they didn’t call us that is why we went to the mine shaft management but unfortunately we didn’t manage to enter the shaft premises as no one attended to us or open the gate for us. We were told that we do not form part of the forum so we are not allowed to enter their premises. The meeting was regarding recruitment of 700 hundred people from the community.

Suddenly after a few minutes one of the security guards at the gate called the chairperson of the forum telling him that there is a group of people from Kanana gathered at the gate. Then the chairperson decided not to hear our side of story as the community but to send us a group of people who are the residents of hostels most of them are from the Eastern Cape and others from neighbouring countries. These people aggressively attacked the community as they were carrying dangerous weapons.

As we were running to our lives we saw a minibus escorted by a light motor car and the occupants from the car from the minibus started to come out of the minibus and started to chase the community.

The attackers were from the local hostel.

We took the matter to the media and we also made an appointment with DMR to help us to resolve the matter and they promised us that they will try by all means to resolve the matter as soon as possible. We also reported the matter to CALS after the lockdown we want to make sure that we write a letter to the mine but before we send the letter to the mine we will request CALS to add their comments into the letters/case