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Food parcels used to gain political popularity

Diepkloof Soweto and Reverlea concerned residents
Rapule Moiloa

(1) I have been talking to people l know in Diepkloof and Riverlea in regard with the current situation since lockdown and hunger is a problem since many people last worked before the lockdown was announced, since they have not worked even a single day after lockdown started now the issue at hand is food parcels that were supposed to have been distributed to people who are in need and Sophie not her real name alluded that one needed first to register to be able to get food parcels but to date people who have registered to be helped with food parcels have not received instead few people received but only card carrying members of a certain party but funny she said not only card carrying members of that party voted for that one party and these was said by someone within that party it said because before elections the very same people visits people’s homes with only a t shirt and now here we are faced with a serious problem that kills people all over the same people don’t give out masks etc.

(2) In Riverlea people have been waiting long for the food parcels I’m advised by Suzan not her real name, she said that food parcel donations were brought in Reverlea but the problem is the few parcels that were brought only benefitted a few and when Suzan send the text message to the person in charge asking about the few food parcels that were intended for the community of Reverlea according to their wards she said that instead of the person in charge to explain why only few food parcels were brought the person took Suzan off the list of the food parcels and she said the minute her text message was received her name was deleted immediately, I learned that these virus has no card race, no political affiliation but everyone is the same regardless of what people may think, say or do it matters not