28 April 2020
Limpopo province
By Mpho Tjale

33 days since South Africa has been placed into lockdown due to pandemic of Covid-19, which has impacted many industries negatively.

Ever since the president announced the lockdown in the country I never experienced this heavy traffic on national road N11 which is mostly used by mine vehicles and now that mining companies are operating on 50% scale, our safety will be compromised, mine workers from different provinces or communities are accommodated in our yards and as the result we are exposed to this deadly virus, and also not knowing their status if they were screened for the virus or not.

Our government careless about us as communities mining operations, we still experience shortage of health facilities, water, basic services and other basic need yet they allow mining companies to operate under this conditions and expect us to comply with regulations, again they allow companies to operate yet they don’t comply with their social and labour plan(SLP) and as they know we will be unable to set a meeting with them nor the department of mineral resources due to this lockdown regulations. The government displayed a high level of discrimination against us, people residing in the mining communities.