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Why not relief for Civil Society Organisations fighting COVID19

Tshepo Mmusi
Klerksdorp, Jouberton
24 April 2020

Hi comrades, in every intervention measures presented by government with regard to Covid 19, I haven’t heard anything or any relief measures for civil society organisations. The question is why? Ain’t we operating within the society? The issues we are addressing are the same issues government, business and the society are concerned with.

Civil society organisations are not considered when tailoring of relief strategies are suggested. Or is it because we are not paying tax or we do not contribute to the department of labour UIF. Ours is to rely on the R350 that is to be rolled out as from next month by SASSA. Is that R350 enough to cover our basic needs, because most of us are bread winners and many people are relying on us?

We cannot even rely on food parcels which are meant to assist in this time of need because they are not even reaching the intended beneficiaries. Civil society organisations have been instrumental in changing structures and policies which do not favour the poor. People who are actively driving those changes are left in the cold and touchlines when their significant contribution should be considered. They still continue to dedicate their time to effect change in the communities they live in even during this time of Corona virus.