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Impact of loadshedding on local businesses

29 October 2021
Sydeny’s Fast Food
Mogalakwena Local Municipality
By: Mpho Tjale

Sydeny’s fast food restaurant is a local business that has employed 6 people, they sell bannychaw(Kota/Sephatlo), pies and pizzas. The owner Sydney’s Ledwaba stated that the shop is being affected negatively by the loadshedding as his business depends on electricity for its functionality and that he need to sell his food so that he can pay his employees.

Sydney Ledwaba worked for the most famous restaurant in South Africa where he learned how to make pizzas and after he was retrenched he started his small restaurant in Masehlaneng and trained 5 local people to make and serve pizza, he futher said that due to the high rate of unemployment in the country youth must start their own businesses and employ local people in their area so is to eradicate poverty.
During loadshedding Sydney’s fast food uses a man made oven to prepare and serve Kota, Pizza for his customers since he is still have a rent and salaries to pay.