Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Women start a business of selling their old clothes.

nobulawo Sitshaluza

Due to the lack of unemployment majority of our community’s members in Snake Park are not working, they struggle to get capital to buy stock and start a business. Some low-income black women have started to sell clothes that they no longer need. Many are selling there when grant payment starts next to our community hall. Some of them still sell their items next to the community even after Sassa grant payment dates.

Bathandwa is one of the ladies who is selling clothing items she said that as her three kids grow and get taller some of their clothing no longer fits them so she sells those clothes. She then asks family and friends for clothes that they no longer want and sell them. This business is very successful and she is able to put food on the table by selling jumble sales.

We need help to get selling stalls in our community so that we can encourage each other to start successful businesses as black women in townships.