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Poussière toxique dans les rues de Kampemba Lubumbashi/Poisonous dust on the streets of Kampemba Lubumbashi

Christophe Kabwita/Lubumbashi/28thJuly2017 Sur l’avenue Kiwele  de la Ruashi reliant les usines et carrières de CHEMAF à ses usines de la commune Kampemba  poussières aux passages des camions transportant minerai et d’ autres des résidus acidifiés le tout non bâchés Trucks transporting ore from the quarries of the Ruashi mine to […]

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Kawama Community Report

Problems arising from mining No agreement between the people from the community and mining community to consider problems and people’s concerns Pollution of community’s water and air The soil is polluted and land is taken by the mine The people are prohibited to pass certain areas in order to reach […]

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Fungurume Community

Relocations The consequences of physical relocation: loss of means of living difficult to obtain ownership certification people relocated to isolated camps far away from the big city Fungurume Environmental Pollution Consequences of pollution: poor soil abnormal shape of born babies despoliation of animals and vegetation as well Pollution of the […]

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Lubumbashi Community

Explosives destroys houses Pollution Relocation Dust created by trucks carrying mine materials Unemployment due to the fact that artisanal miners were driven away by the mines and the mine does not employ local people. Social Problems sexual exploitation many divorces diseases children not going to school unemployment

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