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Employment Scam in Jouberton

Unemployment is one of the major challenges facing our country today, and the government has pleaded with all sectors to come up with ways of creating employment in different forms. It is a fact that youth in many parts of the country are unemployed, and their in dire need of being employed either by ways of permanent employment, part time, projects, self-employment internships etc.
Unfortunately not all of us could understand the message conveyed by the government appropriately. One of the pioneering Community Developing agent by the name of Mr. Nzuzu lured our youth into believing that there was a School cleaning project which was funded by Matlosana Local municipality, and the project was to employ three thousand five hundred youth in Jouberton alone. The Matlosana municipality workforce does not even get close to One thousand five hundred. And just like any desperate unemployed youth in South Africa would react, they went in their big numbers to assemble at our local stadium to be employed by Nzuzu’s Tshidisehang organization.
According to one of the youth who was employed by the organization Oupa Ntwagae, they were supposed to earn an amount of R 1200 a month but they were supposed to volunteer to work for free in the first month. Meanwhile Mr. Nzuzu did not even secured funding to pay for the project human resource and its operational costs, and to his knowledge he claims the Mayor of Matlosana municipality Mr. Mike Kgauwe verbally agreed that he will see what he could do to what he was proposing. In reality no formal written agreement was made and people started working, and they expected to be paid at the end of the month.
With the Lentswe the Klerksdorp local newspaper article on the past weeks which highlighted the rioting in Jouberton, which was caused by the angry youth who were apparently not paid for rendering the school cleaning services and subsequent to the live Star FM local radio station interviews on the 2nd ofAugust 2012 between the Matlosana Municipality executive Mayor Cllr. Mike Kgauwe and the leader of the Tshidisehang organization Mr, Nzuzu, one could deduce that the Tshidisehang organization under the Nzuzu leadership, has seriously lacked some most critical skills when undertaking project fundraising, it is clear that the project has lacked proper planning and the project prospecting and budget was completely unrealistic and immeasurable in its nature.
The total number of three thousand five hundred people recruited for the implementation of the project without resources and capacity has made the project to be highly complex in terms of size, thus making it difficult for Nzuzu to control and manage, to which I find to be ridiculous. The fact that the Mayor has informally promised Nzuzu to contribute monetary to the project does not qualify the municipality to be a guaranteed funder for this multi million Rands project for there was no contract in place, one also neither wonder nor ask if there are systems in place in the Nzuzu organization to manage the millions of Rands if funded. To be honest Nzuzu, would have used the radio interviews as an opportunity to apologize to the Executive mayor for putting the name of the municipality into disrepute and deforming the Mayor’s character and so to the victims who implemented the project to which I deem to be unreasonable.
Nzuzu should be made aware that his organization has been registered as a legal entity and as a result is a juristic person and can be challenged in court, he should in fact thank the executive mayor Mr. Mike Kgauwe for not considering suing his organization. Meanwhile desperate youth are still convening meetings and pleading to the Matlosana municipality to at least give them something as a healing consolation and they have asked the North West government for intervention. Nzuzu is now in hiding because the angry youth have several times tried to kill him, and still hunting him.

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