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Hazardous ventilation pipes in the MACHARORA community

Kagiso Padi (Mafenya)

The impact the two ventilation pipes has on our community and the environment in Robega

The effects of the ventilation pipes on our community are very bad. This is to inform the community at large about the danger of this ventilation pipes that are in the village. This village is situated in-between Chaneng and Rasimone and is called Robega.

These pipes were constructed in the years 2006 and 2008. Ventilation A is situated at the entrance of Robega next to homes of the community  dominated by mine workers and  is used to release toxic air/gasses underground as they are dangerous underground.

As I was busy taking pictures I felt a drizzle of water  and I thought it was about to rain  until I meet up few school kids who live just a street away from  this ventilation and as I  interviewed them they  told me that it drizzles everyday. I also managed to interview an elderly resident who lives in a shack nearby the ventilation and he told me that:

  • It  operates 24 hours and the noise level is very high,
  • Around five and six o’clock, if one looks up in the sky around there you can see dust coming out sometimes even flames,
  • There are no plants growing (no vegetation) where it is situated, and he is right.

These pipes are a great danger to our community because we develop lung problems, illness and they have a negative impact on the environment.

Ventilation pipe B is situated right in the middle of the community of Robega behind two schools namely Charora High and Robega primary used to take air underground; few people I interviewed mentioned that:

  • The consultation was not that good, and
  • People were promised jobs (empty promise),
  • The impacts of the pipes were not explained well to them.

The mine must be approached and be told about the situation, community member’s health is in danger. The community must be taught about the impact of those pipes to their health, environment and its contribution to the climate before it’s too late.

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