Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Unaffordable Cemetries in Ekurhuleni (Kwa Thema)

By Meshack Mbangula

Community of Kwa thema in the east of Joburg in Ekurhuleni is faced with the difficulty of very expensive Cemetery holes which they cannot afford any more. Blood boils over which cemetery or holes to bury their love ones.

The problem started when the Springs Municipality decided to privatise the cemetries and give it as a Tender without consulting the stake holders which involves communities as well and prices went sky high because of greed and selfishness of certain individuals in government when it comes to tenders. A meeting is on the pipe line to discuss this issue. Secondly, because of the tenders – the graveyard is no longer taken care of. It’s dirty and vandalised. Thirdly, The cemetery has turned into a home for criminals, the cemetery is not only vandalised but criminals use it as a storeroom for stolen goods, some have turned into their homes since there is no security guarding the cemetery.

Metro was approached by Meshack on this issue they indicated that they will invistigate in Kwa Thema and in Geduld. Criminals still continue to abuse the dead, instead of respecting them. There is a need for urgent attention to be given to this matter because we cannot afford to see cemeteries of the loves being destroyed and made unaffordable by the selfish tender owners.