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Sasolburg Air Quality by Makgauta Malakoane

According to me air pollution occurs when the air contains gases, smoke from automobile such as cars, trucks and industrials factories that contains gases which are harmful.
Air can be polluted from smoke of fireworks but that is not a daily thing like factories cars, trucks. Air pollution can also cause inflammation of the lungs and infections leading to chronic. Lung cancer can also be caused by air pollution.
Industrial factories like Sasol firm can pollute air we breathe , causing poor health and bad living more like people who burn tires in order to get heat are also helping the industrial factories to pollute air, veld fire can also pollute air , but people keep on lighting up fire to the bush because of land cleaning
And like I said that air pollution can make people suffer from different disease for example: lung cancer, Asthma, TB Vision turns into red and become irritating. People can suffer these diseases due to pollution environment.