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Activists Face Police in Mmaditlhokwa, Marikana

maddithlokwa11 June 2016. Mmaditlhokwa, Marikana, Rustenburg

Not far from Marikana, the site of the massacre of workers, the local community of  Mmaditlhokwa  are protesting  against poor service delivery. Chris Molebatsi, a Marikana activist and Bench Marks organiser, says that the community protest is also linked to the retrenchments in the mine.The protestors were met with police who tried to break up the strike. Alex Salang, local community leader and BuaMC  member reported thta nine protestors where arrested and spent two nights in jail. Currently 2 workers are still in dentention. The protest has continued over 3 days now. The local Tharissa mine has shut down