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Marula temporarily shuts down

Community Alerts/ Donald Mphethi/ Limpopo/ 21 September 2016

Marula Platinum Mine was
not operating since September 21, the mine is
expected to resume its duties on September 26.
This comes after the Madikane community
members barricaded all roads leading to the
mine. The residents are demanding services
from the mine. They alleged the mine had been
neglecting their village when hiring and
providing services.
On Tuesday, the mine management send an
SMS to its employees the message stated as
follows ,” Given the current situation with
Madikane community, management and the
unions have agreed to send all employees on
three days accumulative leave, starting
Wednesday (21/09/2016 until Friday
(29/09016) to give management
chance to resolve the issues with the
community. Should the situation not be
resolved until Sunday 25/09/2016,
management and the union will meet on
morning to decide on the way forward. During
the shutdown period, some employees may be
required by their HOW’S to present themselves
for care and maintenance. Employees will be
updated on any new developments,” the
message stated.