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Residents prefer the aloe trees wood over electricity

Community Alerts/ Elton Thobejane/ Limpopo-Morapaneng village / 18 September 2016


It was such an amazing experience  to learn that even the older residents of Morapaneng village Tibatse who never attended climate change workshop are aware of the effects of climate change. They prefer the use of fire wood as source of energy for cooking and boiling bath water

They said they prefer the Aloe tree wood because it is lighter in weight, accessible, burn faster, produce less smoke. The most interesting part of it is that when it burns its smoke contains aloe and as they inhale it it heals their skin and breathing problems unlike the normal wood.

They go as far as the top of the mountains to collect the Aloe wood and in some instances expose themselves to dangerous reptiles .They indicated that the cost of electricity is to high and even R250.00 won’t last them for a month.