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Illegal dumping pose danger to people and their livestock

Community Alert/ Mathapelo Thobejane/Limpopo/ 22 November 2016


In today’s life, the people’s livestock get exposed to numerous risks and as such find it hard to survive as compared to decades ago. I am raising this issue because the cattle’s walk all over the area with absolutely no one monitor them or with the shepherd on side. When this happens, one may wonder, do they have a kraal/s and who’s the owner? Almost every day when i pass at this place called Nazareth which a township of Middelburg, i find them eating the rubbish that has been dumped by people. We don’t keep our environment clean, at the end of the day we the people too will be exposed to sickness. I respect the olden days were everything was taken good care of; we need to respect the livestock because a cow can pay for a child school fees. Both the people and their livestock are in danger, we the people need to take an action by doing something which will do away with the illegal dumping for good.