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RDP house is a serious challenge to get nowadays 

Community Alerts/Tokelo/Limpopo24 May 2017

As some may know that around Moroke Sekhutlong, Burgersfort in Limpopo there are certain family who straggling to get RDP house for years now. This year I tried to alert a ward counselor about two people who need houses even on the IDP meeting people from my community told IDP manager about the need for houses.

The paining part about RDP house for Legadimane is that previous years, they announced her RDP at royal house and everyone was congratulating her, concrete was delivered  to show that the house will be built, but after some few days they came to take that concrete back until today.

So early this year around March I registered two people from my village, the time we register them CDW said to us they are waiting on budget around April so that we can know who will be benefiting. Last week around Monday on 15 May I received a call that alerted me about the forms that the beneficiaries must fill at Moroke Circuit, Only to find out that the date has been postponed, so since they’ve postponed we don’t know the next date.

What I can say now is that our municipality want to give one of the beneficiaries a job because on 22nd  May I received a call from one of them “Miss Thobejane”  she said they offered her a cleaning job, ” the problem that I’m facing is that I don’t know where is the place cause I  can’t leave my children alone and they didn’t tell  me about my salary ” said Miss Thobejane. By Tokelo-Limpopo