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University of Venda students take a dead Cow to the Lab for Testing

Community Alerts/Tokelo Mahlakwane/Sekutlong-Limpopo/23 August 2017

Today we had meetings with the  Department of Agriculture and students from university of venda. This meeting was attended by , the owner of the cows and me as member of SEJN. The meeting was called  after a cow died at Morapaneng village next to sewage. When we arrived there we found that the people from Department already give the owners a word by saying, they must take the  cow at they own expense to the lab at Mokopane.We ask them who is responsible to take that cow to the lab, they said that it is us, as activists or the owner of the cow. They said that what they can do is to allow us to test for free at their lab.

We asked the students from Venda to help us. At first they were reluctant. We managed to push and they said ” okay we can take it to the lab by tomorrow. I would like to thank the University of Venda for everything they have done because they going to pay a transport for tomorrow to the lab.

Follow up

Today as I said yesterday that we are going to Lab at Mokopane, around 13:00 we were arrived at the place. They gave us a copy of the form we filled and case number.