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Community must work together to prevent children playing in tailings

Community Alerts/Thokozile Mntambo/Soweto/13/03/18

13 March2018 today at 16h30pm. I spoke to Mr Nzamanzama Rikhotso, he is a ward development in Sports and culture at Snake park. I showed him the video of kids playing in the tailing. He was so shocked of that pond and was not aware of these activities that are happening on that tailing. He says he did a survey before asking the community what kind facilities they want. The community stated that they are in need of a library, swimming pools etc. but the problem is that they are still waiting for the ( IDP) Integrated development report because Snakepark is a dolomite area. That is why it has a poor infrastructure after they get the report then the will be a way forward of improving our community.

What I have observed is that they are grounds where some kids play soccer there and netball courts in the hall. The community must come together and stop these children from playing in the mountain. By Thokozile Mntambo