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Problems with Infrastructural development in Mutoko

Mudzizi 5/21/2018






Infrastructural. Development. In. Mutoko. In. Respect. With. Mining. Companies. Mining activities started from as long as 1972 in mutoko ,since then little has been done in respect to Infrastructural development. Quarrying enterprise only started to chip in 2017 by constructing an. E. C. D block at nyamakope primary school in nyamuganhu ward 5, headman nyamakope under chief charehwa. The block is currently at roof stage. Parents also took part by moulding bricks and supplied concrete stones. ln another part of the ward under headman kadiki in gurure area ,there are other two quarries namely ziq and c.r.g.constructing a clinic in gurure village. Construction started way back in 2008 after consultation with the development committee (,nyamuganhu b). The community chipped in by moulding bricks and all the dirty work ,assisting the builders. The clinic has taken long to reach completion almost ten years now. The block is almost complete only the ceiling is yet to be done. There are 3houses to be built and septic tank. Ilford services are constructing an administration block at gurure sec school ,its above window level. The block is now 3years before completion. It was initially agreed to be completed in six months time.



E. C. D block☝🏻
: Admin block at gurure secondary
Evelyn kutyauripo. M. N. C. D.