Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Motlhabe-Rustenburg/22/09/2018

Motlhabe clinic has been operating for the past couple of decades as a 24hour clinic service and from May 2016 the clinic stopped working for 24 hours to 10 hours now (07:00-17:00). Reason being that there isn’t enough of professional nurses to assist during the day and at night and others are unable to go on leave due to lots of patients.

This issue affects the community as a whole as well as the other local villages who depend on Motlhabe clinic because during late emergencies you have to travel a long way to Moses Kotane Local Hospital without the Local clinic referral letter and if not, lucky you won’t be getting any help you will be expected to go back to Motlhabe for a referral letter. This is not good for the community; every community deserves a proper health care service. By Lentswe Buda