Community Alerts/ Amogelang Tshabalala/Sefikile-Rustenburg/28/08/2018

On the 27 Monday I went to the mine as I was supposed to be there to collect the SLP documents, guess what beautiful good people what happened; the lady said to me I set an appointment but I said to her “let’s recap about the reason why am here”, I told her that she is the reason why am here on that day and time. She then said I must go and ask for that document from someone who is not even working at the mine, I then told her that am using my own money she must stop playing games with me and give me what she promised me.

Mine police were and a mine police official wanted to cause a scene but I did let him if that’s how they handle their problems then it means he has the wrong person. I made my self clear and told everyone who was there that am not going anywhere without those documents and I ended up getting those documents even they are not all. The lady said to me I must stop ordering her and I said to her that if she can do her job properly we won’t order anyone to do his or her job and promised her that that is not all I will come back again. By Amogelang Tshabalala