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17 shaft tailing on fire

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Diepkloof/01/12/18

Last night in the evening fire broke out at 17 shaft tailing on the side of the N 1 freeway, the grass that is burning is for maintenance of the tailing to try to reduce dust when it’s windy and the grass and the trees on the tailing holds the sand not to be blown away when it’s windy.

When these are happening it means that there’s still a lot that can happen to the residents of Diepkloof zone 4 and Diepkloof extension regarding the health of the residents,the safety of the residents because what surprises me is these a security company is there to keep an eye on the dump but someone or people managed to start the fire on the mine dump,however this kind of maintenance is not enough to have as the residents will have a challenge of dust in the homes because as much as the grass and the trees planted on the mine dump does not hold dust to the ground when it is windy the community will continue to suffer from the mine dump as it is. By Rapule Moiloa