Community Alerts, Lorraine Kakaza, Mpumalanga, Carolina, 2019/02/06

Day 3 AMI 2019
Programme Director Nelson Antonia Joana
Today we are reflecting about the resources and need to end with conclusion looking at the African Vision on how does it connect to Men ,God and the Resources is very much important which means that we need to take care of the land and respect it not to create problems. By doing so what are our resolutions, impacts and how do we address that we need to have responsibility as there is a dynamic and conflict due to the activities that are caused by us as human beings .The management of the resources need to be taken care to protect and save the resources ecological dialogue need to be done in different churches , school everywhere we do feel that we need to work together and have that platform to reflect ,care ,make sure that we have a common vision .

everything that is respect that is pure, respectable, good it has got that assent of love at the end of the produce good results

‘’ Sharing experiences from NAMI’s: Tanzania , Zambia-Lwizya Chanda ,Zimbabwe.
Presentation of interactions at Sustainability Day.
AMI is a growing platform the question is whats next they have came up with the monitoring mechanism that has got indicators. Already there is a case study that they have tasted and is working .
They were able to cover the land compensation and displacement
-Taxation and combating illicit financial flows (IFF)
-Mineral revenue management Free prior and informed consent and Environmental and social costs of extraction
Tanzania extractive industries Conference were they have over 600 participants and the ceremony was shared by the Minister of Mining
some of the issue that were discussed were Social and Policy
Some of them was that they need a strong government system for African countries to develop themselves. To invest in people health and economic benefits Compensation what I like the most each and every discussion was that there is a critical need to protect women and children from the harmful practice
Value addition and creating linkages with other sectors in the economy-solving the challenges of Capital, skills, technology and the allocation sufficient resources to operate national owned institutions,

Closing remarks
we need to strengthen our struggling that people are important in the mining industry we will hold these government and we need to acknowledge that we Mining Indaba has recognised us we are getting there we can tackle from what the 2 present has said that the mining industry has been ignorant when it cames to communities they were talking about collaboration
we need a million signature to hold our government …

people are angry of the way business is being made this was mentioned at the dinner of the Mining Indaba were by there were more than 1000 participant