Community Alerts, Mdu Tshabalala, Free State, Vaal, Sebokeng, 2019/03/19

Today we did a tour with journalists from Mail and Guardian about Arcelo Mittal S.A. Vanderbjlpark Works. This is not the first of its stories covered by journalists from locally, nationally and internationally, though this story sounds new every time.

We started at Mr. Johan Doeeing farm holding where repeatedly told his story about their impacted health due to the old waste heap that is still worked and situated next to his farm, further showing and explaining about his chickens and guess giving birth to deformed chicks. One thing sad to have learned from today’s tour is the old graves Mr. Doeeing took us to, whereby Arcelo Mittal built its fence line and a gravel road on top of the grave on the far north west side of the works. “If they never respected the dead before they could think of making profit, how should we expect them to respect the leaving while they make profit” said Mr. Doeeing.

Arcelo Mittal Vanderbjlpark Works contract workers have been on strike and today we spoke ro a few of the workers, whom their plight is nothing but permanent jobs with benefits “I have been working for this company for more than 25yrs but new boys come into the plant I work in and I teach them the work and off they go for permanent posts with benefits while I still age and accumulate respiratory health impacts” he said.