Community alerts/ Mmabore Mogashoa/ Schinoord , Ga-Mogashoa/24/03/2019, 9:07 AM] Art exhibition for visual arts and crafters was held on 19 March 2019 at Achievers Theatre …, Tsimanyane Ga Matlala. The exhibition was organized by Limpopo Federation of Community Arts Centers(LIFCAC) for the district municipalities of Limpopo(i.e. Vhembe,Sekhukhune, Mopani, Waterberg and Capricorn) and the one for the 19th was for Sekhukhune District Municipality. With the higher unemployment rate in the country it is clear that with art, people can create employment and have income to take care of their loved ones. Art can help in keeping our people away from¬† crime, drugs and other substances that affects them negatively. Now that number of Nyaope addicts is increasing in the youth art can be used to keep them busy.¬† Employment is also not guaranteed in companies as a result of load shedding. Production in businesses has reduced and there might be job losses as a results of the power cuts. There were vases which were made by recycled material like paper, sand, pine cones and other materials. Classes made from beer and wine bottles were also on display. Using recycled material is not only good for our environment but also reducing the dumping that is done in rivers and other places in our land that end up causing smell and deseases to the people. People made traditional clothes, wedding dresses, traditional attire, traditional music instruments, kitchen utensils and pictures drawn on paper and boards using pencil and paint. There were ‘Mogopo’ and ‘Legopo’ that was used for pap and meat or ‘morogo’, walking sticks all made from wood. Ice cream sticks were also used to build little houses. What inspired me was two ladies, one of them published a book at a very young age. While youth their age are busy clubbing and doing bad things they are writting. If this ladies can do it, everyone can do it. Mr Kgolane from Mamone adviced people not to throw away animal skins as they can be used to make shoes, drums, attire, Ntepa and so many things. There was a woman who also said that by her hands she was able to send his son to University of Limpopo and he graduated in 2018. Another beautiful lady who made me proud was on a wheelchair, she makes belts and key holders. That was an encouragement to all men and women to stand up against poverty. It’s time for people to start to use whatever is available to create art. Our country will be a better place and this will boost our economy. People should unite and a lot can be achieved. Your hands and brain can be a key to a better life.

Story by Mmabore