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Corona Virus Screening – The nurses visit me

Lucky Hlabirwa

“Corona Virus Screening”

A day before Yesterday I had visitors in Marapong Ext 04 which is in Lephalale Municipality from health department and they did screening of Corona Virus. The purpose of the visit was to screen people so that they can give a necessary support or help. They were two Woman in a Hospital Uniform. They have done the screening on me only because I was with my 2 years Kid.

I have been asked few questions about Corona Virus…

*Did you heard about Corona Virus?
What are the symptoms?
Have you travelled overseas?
Have you been with someone with Corona Virus?
What is your Name, Surname and I’d no?* I didn’t fill or sign anything. They have advised me to go to the nearest Clinic if I experience the symptoms of Corona Virus such as: Fever, Headache, Flue or coughing as the next step and they told me to stay positive by staying home and limit movements, wash my hands with a soup frequently, avoid touching surfaces and my face. They were strictly following safe distance and wearing the musks and that inspired me because they were practicing what we are always preaching.

Stay Home and Safe.

After they have left I started to have imaginary dialogue🤔🤔🤔

*What if someone or I lie to them?
Why don’t they make Corona Testing compulsory?
How can they make communities feels better during this time?*

I really appreciate what Government trying to do for managing and marshalling the spread of Corona Virus but really it is not enough. Some people are afraid of being isolated from their families and that might push them to lie and by doing that the virus won’t be controlled. I wish the hosts can kill the virus before it can kill the hosts by not taking it very serious. The screening process might help but it’s not enough.

Another bad things about South Africans is 👉 we are more focused on our rights than complying.

Government of South Africa must make Corona Virus compulsory and get rid of it.

That’s my opinion and it’s open for discussion.