Tigane, Klerksdorp
David Gaanakgomo

The vulnerable who survive on recycling are going hungry since coronavirus lockdown.
It is difficult for them (recyclers) to even collect as they are used to. Their yards are fully packed and there is nothing they can do about it According to ntate Modise who I interviewed this morning, says the neighbours are complaining as what is supposed to be their meal tickets is invested with rodents. He said when calling the owner of scrap yard to come and collect tells him that he is closed as he was told that he is not an essential provider.

When I asked if they getting something from the council as they distribute the food parcels, he said he was skipped and told that the councillor did not include him. He furthermore told me that he cannot find a proper work as he is 57yrs old and wife is 55yrs old.
The life of the people who really struggle to survive are facing a serious problem since the beginning of the lockdown. If the councillor doesn’t favour you or your relatives your rights will be violated.
When I confronted the ward committee member she told me that she is no longer staying in the same section and ward, but she is still the member of the committee. The ward councillor’s phone rings without answer.