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People must have gardens

Clifford Mohuba
Atok Monametse
02 may 2020

It came to my knowledge that teaching people to rely on their own gardens or small farms for the veggies and stuff is a good thing to do.
Since the beginning of the national lockdown I used to spend most of my time with the elders in their small farm were they grow different vegetables helping them with the digging and ploughing it gave me the light that if most of the people can just forget about buying veggies in supermarket can save them lot of money
even though their farms is not fenced and they spend most of their time in a farm guarding the livestock not to eat their veggies but they’re helping lot of people who come and get veggies from the farm as an activist I helped them with no cost and it’s a good thing cause people do need veggies as it is healthy for the body and they were willing to own a bigger farm if they can get help or a donation of a fence.