By Mmabore Mogashoa
Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality
29 April 2020

The discussions about children going back to school have started and some learners can be in classes by 4th May 2020. COVID-19 cases have not decreased yet. Before they can take the decision for children to go back to school did they check the following?
– No of children at each school/ class
– Availability of space/ classes if children have to maintain the required distance
– Water supply
– Toilets
– How children travel to school
– Distance travelled to school
– Food safety as some children eat at school (food supplied and/ meals)
– Safety of people who cook meals
– Teaching materials
– Cooking utensils
– Will there be sanitizers and masks ( How long will a child wear mask?)
– Will health inspections be completed in schools in few days?

Who is going to monitor all the children while at school? (During lunch, after going to the loo)
Will there be enough staff to sanitize the children/ check who is infected or not every day?
Some of schools are already in bad condition in rural areas as there is no security/ clerks. Who will make sure that safety material provided will not be stolen?
Will the children be able to be safe after school?
Why don’t they just write off 2020 and commence classes in 2021 if it is not safe?
Are we supposed to stay at home while our children are out there? Will people receive free and enough sanitizers to use at home?
What will happen to their books? Will they be sprayed to prevent the spread?
What will happen if a teacher/child is infected? Then the whole class and their families at home are at risk too.

It is said that the virus last longer if it’s cold. What if COVID-19 cases increase? Isn’t this risking our lives?