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Foreign National Drivers fights is being fuelled

17 July 2020
Petrus Moshe

I am residing in extension 19 in Jouberton, Klersdorp in Northwest, en route to Johannesburg to Cape, whereby a lot of Trucks are traveling daily to this National road N, 12, hopefully a road to Cape to Cairo.

What is actually moving me so deeply and depressing is our fellow Africans truck drivers who are being chased, stoned, calloused in chain and sometime beaten and brutally stabbed. But, then I took upon myself and asked why, and searching the underlying source of the problems. I attempted to do questioner as my organisation has being trained to do it as base searching for answers and facts finding instrument. Sometimes trying find out why people they allow this cruelty and barbarism to happened.

The analysis captured is suggesting that foreign nationals are taking the business which were supposed to be done by locals, this appears to be central factor of this attacks. But, my personal analysis which I maintain is accurate and near the truth, which I tested on some local conflict, in conflict there is sometimes sponsor if not always who wants to benefit from the chaos. Yes it’s true drivers violence is so unfortunate, the truth of the matter this are poor employees local and foreign drivers against each other.

For me this most vulnerable sectors and level of working class concertizing are very low hence are easily to be used. So the same bosses of these trucks are the one who insist this foreign drivers and local drivers violence. More so the top guys who have vested same interests, are companies who have manufactured this trucks who are fuelling this Violence. Capitalism in highest form breeds violence because of its greediness consequences.

My conclusion, will be this measure need to be discussed and sorted out there for an alternative solutions. I don’t understand this even during the dark of apartheid my father used to drive to Lesotho, Angola and Botswana, but why today there is so much violence is my of departure that need Clarity? Maybe there was no privatisation which being implemented by the government of the democracy, maybe, we need to review this democracy, and changes its policies do not be manipulated.