Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Covid19 Community Questions

Sefikile Village:NORTH WEST


I got to ask my family about this COVID19 and none of them understand what it is. I had to explain it to them in a way that I do understand it and explain it easy for everyone to understand.

My mom said to President Ramaphosa must take this CORNA thing back to where it came from. But it also gave them a fright and asked so many questions and honestly it opened my eyes how my family asked these kind of questions.

1) Since this is a virus, will it be cured?
2)Is it going to be treated like HIV and AIDS since they are also viruses?
3)If soap and hygienic staff can help you from getting the virus what is so hard for us SOUTH AFRICANS to get cure?

All this questions they make sense and someone can follow on them and do more research about hygienic staff. And I also threw how this will affect the jobs of our people from the community and everyone from SOUTH AFRICA.

My family is concerned about the unemployment rate and that if it happens that we again lose jobs then its a problem going forward. How do we fight that it difficult since its lockdown and we are not allowed to move like we used to but just for to break the chain of this PANDEMIC.

Proper education to our people is more important and South Africa as a whole. Let there be women and children in everything that we do and say, they also need to be catered, cared for and be protected by us. Let us take this PANDEMIC and use it to be the eye opener to our people and us and the whole South African. With everything that is happening in our community, no more movement as the SAPS is monitoring the movement. Everyone is following the instructions to protect others and everyone from our families and the whole South Africans