Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Work In Progress : Uranium Contamination Forces Relocation

The Klerksdorp group has focussed their work on the problem faced by the Domionville community. This community has lived for many decades in a housing settlement for mine workers in the Uranium Mine. The mine has asked the people to leave their settlement. The mine says that the land is contaminated with uranium.The majority in the community are distrustful of the mine. They are also afraid that they will be dumped in worse housing conditions then they have right now in Domionion.

The Klerksdorp Justice and Peace monitors have many questions to answer in this investigation:

  • what advise should they
  • give community, to move or not to move;
  • is the land on which they live contaminated, if so,
  • has anybody in the communbity suffered helath problmes from this ;
  • why did they authorities not take action till now ?
  • if the people should move what should their demands be so that they are not worse off.

The investigation will start with the local community. Monitors will assist them to talk about this problem. The monitors will interview the local municipality, the Department of Mineral Resources as well as the Shiva Uranium Mine.talitha2