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Municipal worker negligence claimed a life

Community Alerts/ Joe Mashilo/ Klerksdorp/ 09 September 2016

The negligence arising from the side of the municipality of Matlosana in Klerksdorp claimed a life of a school kid. This incidence took place two weeks ago next to the kanana reservoirs. The municipal employees left a huge hole neither barricaded nor fenced after digging it. Children after school gained access to it easily. This was a biggest mistake ever, a life of an innocent child coming from school ended inside a deep hole with water inside. After realising the mistake, the municipality quickly put a fence, it was already too late, since the child was no longer. The problem has always been of having to wait for the disaster or tragedy to happen so as to can inform the action. On the 3rd of September a child was buried due to the blunders which could have been anticipated and prevented.