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Community Alerts/Collen Raphata/Chaneng-Rustenburg/ 30 March 2017


It was on the 10th February 2017 in North West of South Africa near Sun City, community members of the village called Chaneng marched to Styldrift mine. The last past 2years the community have been trying to apply for a legal march, and the Public Safety department rejected all applications.

The ward 2 EFF applied for the march on behalf of the community and it was approved. On the day of the march we saw youth dominating. When the community arrived at the mine they found that the police had already barricaded the entrance with razor wire and having dogs as if the community were in an illegal march.

Leadership asked for mine management to come and receive the memorandum, unfortunately  no one came and they responded by saying they didn’t know anything about the march, ironically they had jerked up security even without knowledge of the march.