Community alerts/Clifford Mohuba/ Atok, Monametse/12-10-2018, 12:56 PM]

two donkeys dead , and this is the cause of the river water since all the fluid  and chemicals used for the illegal chrome miners flows to the river as most of them mine right near to our river,

since the illegal chrome miners came to our village we experience massive lost of our live stocks,

as in the beginning we where not aware if the cause might be the chemicals that are spilled in the river

some of the community members tried to talk with them but they reached no agreement as they told them that the rightful permit holder he is always away on business meetings so we must wait for the day when he will be available so that we can seat and talk about the matter

even though we know that they play duck and dive with us cause there is no rightful permit holder as this are just zama zamas

and the livestock owners gave them time frame of 2 weeks before they could take the matter forward


Story by: Clifford Mohuba