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Communities might be left stranded

Community Alerts/Gilbert Moela/31 July 2017

Bokoni Platinum Mine may be placed on Care and Maintenance and or shut down, we understand whatever they say about economic climate and or platinum prices and the mine’s profits. There are many questions on everyone’s lips. What is the mine owners say about the mining communities whom the mine shafts where constructed in their places?

Communities like Monametse, Sefateng, Mosotse and other close by villages. The Mine has failed in its existence to provide and or build a sustainable income generating projects in all of these mining communities. Most of this village’s ploughing fields have been deprived by the mining operations and there are still lot of people who are still living in the abject poverty.

Agriculture in these communities has been in constant decline since the decimation of the vast citrus estates of Atok Notal point due to air and soil pollution and other beneficiating processes by the mine. Basically the villages will be stranded. One of our greatest fears with the process of Care and maintenance is most mining companies use it as a strategy to avoid rehabilitating the mines. By Gilbert Moela