Community alerts/Cliford Mohuba/ Monametse/12-09-2018, 11:42 AM]

Since the transformer for water boreholes stolen few months back this is what people of Monametse village are doing to get water even though the water is polluted cause they share them with livestock but at least they don’t go a day with thirst..


they connected a long pipe to reach where the river is, since the river is on mountain where the wheelbarrow can’t reach, they came with a plan to make their own pipes to connect with the river so that they can line up to get water, even though they tried to ask Mine as (Bokoni platinum mine’s ) for the new transformer since the stolen one came from them instead of helping us they even made situation bad of giving the community the salty water that was used to drill underground and the community is afraid to drink the water as they’re afraid if the water are good to be consumed instead they use them to water the plants and do laundry.

Story by Clifford Mohuba (MCW)