Community alerts/Gilbert Moela/Atok, Monmetse/01-11-2018, 3:42 PM]

After Anglo Platinum and Atlatsa Resources’ decision to put Bokoni Platinum Mine on care and maintenance we have seen communities around Atok nodal point which surround the mine being sent to high levels of poverty and community access roads being depilated severely. One such road is the road that connect R37 between the city of Polokwane and Burgersfort with Bokoni Platinum Mine. The road has so many potholes which let to motorist around the villages reporting their grievances to both the mine’s Care and Maintenance Programs Manager and the local municipality.

An inspiring young business man took it upon himself to work with a group of unemployed youth in the area to repair the potholes with the help of material donations from some other local business people together with the Pakistanis and the Indians operating within the area. Their operation Vuk’zenzele has been going on for the past 7 month with the volunteers surviving on the hand outs from passing motorists.

Their hardwork has finally paid-off as a tender has been recently awarded to the volunteers to fix the potholes which means their efforts hasn’t gone in vain as they will start earning salaries for the duration of the tender and it’s all thanks to their perseverance,  hardships, determination and selfless efforts. This are the hero of the week and a clear example that perseverance bears success.


Story by Gilbert Moela