22 April 2020
By Mmabore Mogashoa
Makhuduthamaga, Sekhukhune

On my way to Jane Furse on 21 April 2020, I passed women pushing wheelbarrows full of wood. They were going to GaMoretsele and I asked myself if this is done every day and if not what do they cook with. Some of the people collect wood during winter as some don’t have heaters/can’t afford electricity/ Paraffin or have no electricity.

There are people who were supposed to get electricity from January 2020 and because of lockdown is now a dream. It is a bit cold in the mornings and instead of sitting at home to be safe from Corona virus, they have to collect wood so that they can have warm water and cook meals. Wood is sold for from R50- R1000 and because of lockdown wood sellers are unable to sell, I am not sure if some of them know that they can get permits to sell. One litre of paraffin cost R14 which more expensive.