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Challenges the community of Mogase View in Diepkloof have due to mining

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/01/02/18

The mine has more than 10 water pipes running from the dump beneath the freeway and water from the dump goes directly in to the stream in between the house build on a mine dump and wetland, still no rehabilitation from the mine and lives of   the people are compromised by both the mine, the former cllr Mogase and the present cllr Nana Magalefa


Bushes grow and as it rain’s water over flows from the side of the freeway to residents of Mogase view there’s no one taking responsibility for helping these residents in cutting the bushes and to have proper storm drains.

This man is using part of his yard in Mogase view to plant vegetables alongside Soweto highway and it’s a mine dump, land with chemicals but he most likely has no clue of the hazard that this land has on his health.

cosmopolitan as a construction company has never rehabilitated these area Mogase View cosmopolitan must be accountable for buying a land that is not for building houses, cllr Mogase for giving the hand shake to the deal, the mine for accepting the land sale, the inspector for giving wrong impression of a report and the local government.

These bushes grow right inside the yard and now the next house on the right they are extending their house facing the same problem


This sewage pipes its next to the stream in Mogase view alongside Soweto high way, residents are not only affected by water running in the stream but also the sewer, I ask my elf where is it connected from when it is behind these houses. Water runs from bushes behind these houses to the storm drain which may be a problem when it full because water would be on the surface and when soil is moved to the drain by water it will be a problem because water will run in the homes of these residents. By Rapule Moiloa