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The dwindled dream of Gold by the Mwinilunga People

Shikamo EliackNorth western province of Zambia 27/04/2020 The Mining industry has been a determined industry. The fear of Covid-19 is no way near there minds. They plan everyday and invest everyday.This surprises me on how they deal with fear amidst the pandemic while the alternative if the environment are all […]

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Zambian Mining Communities and Covid-19

The Dilemma between Hunger and Staying Safe Mulenga Chishala, Extractive Industries Transparency Alliance (EITA)Lusaka, Zambia 21/04/2020 Zambia so far has recorded 70 confirmed cases of COVID 19, 35 total recoveries and 3 confirmed deaths. The confirmed cases are spread across three provinces, Lusaka, Copperbelt and Kabwe. Among the confirmed 70 […]

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Solwezi Municipal Council handing over responsibilities to Kansanshi Mine. Trading long term development for short term results?

Since the start of mining in Solwezi, the population and traffic has increased in  large numbers , especially mine related traffic. The roads are now in a  bad state. The Solwezi Municipal council is in debt. It  has arrived at a debt swap arrangement with Kansanshi mine which includes handing over […]

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Gravelling of township roads.

Mercy Mulenga/New Generation Fm/north Western Province/24th August 2018. Kansanshi mining PLC has commenced works on the Royal cross roads road also known as the old Solwezi chingola road. This road was mostly in a deprolable state especially in the rainy season despite it having one the best hotels in Solwezi. […]

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Quarry Mining Disregarded area of Extraction by CSO.

Shikamo Eliack/YAD/North Western Province Zambia. Through community transient walks I have come across many Quarry mine business that have environmental effect as they create deforestation. Many quarry business do not have CSR plans for communities. I wish not to be segrgateive in my remarks, I have found most of these […]

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Effects of open burning to the environment.

Mercy Mulenga/new Generation Fm/solwezi/19/08/18. Burning Produces thick smoke that blackens the sky Causing the local people to cough and soils to Harden. Open burning is one way people use to get rid of unwanted materials or garbage in our homes but has got a lot of adverse effects to the […]

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